PILOT PROJEcT Kopernikus oberschule

Our first pilot project! From April til June 2018, Turning Tables Germany offered innovative music and film workshops for children and youth of different backgrounds at the Kopernikus High School in Berlin-Steglitz. In only three weekends the students jointly produced a song with 5 verses in German and English and a matching music video, which were both presented at the annual school party. The 12 participating youth came partly from refugee or disadvantaged families and brought a serious amount of creativity and talent to the table.

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MUSIc Workshops

During the music workshops, the youth wrote their own lyrics with singing and rap instructors Jazz and Taha. Using instruments for digital music production and the Ableton music software, they produced matching beats and melody, which were combined with the song texts. With some practice on vocal strength, expression and rap flow the group got ready for the final performance.

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Using the music workshops as a base, the participants experimented with visually translating the lyrics and beats into a music video. After a short introduction in camera technique by our filmmaker Rhea, the youth shot their first video sequences and compiled them to a finished music video.

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Final performance

At the annual school party, the young rappers and singers performed their self-produced song alongside the music video in front of their parents and peers.

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