Cottbus Tour 2018

Turning Tables Germany worked with the amazing youth of Cottbus over several weeks. The new beat-makers and songwriters wrote songs about life, politics and cars, in German, English and Arabic. Together we produced two music videos and organized a great final concert where many of them performed on stage for the first time.

©TurningTablesGermany 2018


“Music can be light and easy but it also functions as therapy in hard times.“ OStrichO

Rapper Steven shows his inner most thoughts about his feelings of isolation and despair.

©TurningTablesGermany 2018


"You probably do not believe that I go to school. I'm doing things my way and I'll do fine " - Dlbren -

In his first rap, 16 year old Dlbren challenges the stereotypes and predjudices awaiting new arrivals in Cottbus, a small town in Eastern Germany.

©TurningTablesGermany 2018

Pilotworkshop Kopernikus Oberschule

The students from the Kopernikus Oberschule in Berlin participate in the pilot project of Turning Tables Germany. Over several weeks they try out beat making, song writing and filming with the trainers Jasmin, Taha and Rhea. Result: A song with 5 verses, each written and performed by a different student and visualized by others in a video.

WLADALAMM – The Path of the crow

Omar and Taha, two cousins from Syria, reconnect in 2017 Berlin and start the political Hip-Hop Band Wladalam. A few month later Jasmine from the UK joins them as vocalists. Together they rap and sing about politics in Arabic, English and German. Now Taha and Jasmin work with Turning Tables as trainers.

©IamStreet 2018